Badgers & Foxes

The badger is one of the UK's most popular and recognised mammals. A living symbol of the British countryside bringing enjoyment to thousands of people. Badgers are stout, short, powerful animals that live in underground ‘setts’ that can extend to over 50 metres in length.

Similarly, foxes are as synonymous with Britain. However, foxes commonly live in towns as well as being widespread around the British countryside. The fox has brownish-red fur, a bushy white-tipped tail and a white chest. Foxes have pointed ears and noses.

Both animals are active at dusk and during the night. A badger’s diet is extremely varied and are often described as ‘opportunistic omnivores. Earthworms can make up as much as 60% of that diet. Badgers differ from foxes in that they live in groups of up to 8 in their ‘setts’. Yet, they do not always act cooperatively with others, often choosing to forage for food alone.

Badger in Grass
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