Bird Feeders

We all love to see birds in the garden and feeding them can be great fun for the whole family. Having a regular uninterrupted supply of food available will help your wild garden birds supplement their natural diet and give them a better chance of survival.

Birds preferences for the food they will eat and the feeder they will eat from differs by species. So, whether it’s a seed, peanut or suet feeder, on the ground, window or hanging in a tree it’s important to try a variety of foods, feeders and locations to find out which birds like what food. This is also the best way to attract a wide range of different bird species into your garden.

Bird safety is the most important factor to consider when using a feeder in your garden. All of our feeders are designed with this in mind, not just protecting the bird but the food and feeder itself from the damage predators, like squirrels can cause. Good hygiene also helps to ensure a bird’s safety. Cleaning your bird feeders regularly and year-round is important to ensure there is no food that has gone bad and droppings, which will help stop disease spreading and bacteria growing.

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