Bird Food

Wild birds can suffer from food shortages all year round. However, winter feeding will often be the most beneficial to your garden birds. You’ll give them a better chance to survive by feeding them throughout the year.

Put out food and water regularly during the cold winter months. Birds require high-fat foods at this time; to survive the frosty nights, they’ll need to maintain their fat reserves. You should establish and keep a feeding routine, adjusting the quantity given to keep up with the demand as the birds will become used to the food and return to your garden accordingly.

During the summer months, birds will be moulting and breeding, thus requiring high-protein foods and water, particularly dry spells. Seed mixes, soft fruits and mealworms are good foods to provide during the warmer months. Peanuts, fat and bread should be avoided as they can be harmful to nestlings. The extra food on your bird table or feeder can make a big difference to the survival of the young if temporary food shortages occur during the spring or summer.

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Bird Food
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