House Martin Nesting Bowl


From a sustainable source   FSC certified wood

Grey ceramic House martin nesting bowl on FSC certified timber mounting board.

House martins have declined in recent years due to modern house design and loss of eaves nesting space. However, you may be able to help these quintessentially English summer migrants by putting up our ready-made house martin nesting bowls.

Attractive design, fashioned to replicate the shape and form of natural house martin nests.

It has a rough texture to the bowl, and the entrance scoop is in a central position.


Mount the nesting bowl high up on a building. Tight to the eaves or under guttering using the pre-drilled holes in the wooden backplate. The ideal direction is north or east facing. Maintenance-free once installed. Just sit back and enjoy these delightful birds that love to live alongside us in our buildings.


Dimensions: 125 x 202 x 125 mm

Weight: 940g

Materials: FSC timber, ceramic

Colour: Grey and natural timber

Special Features: Natural design, robust