Bird Tables

Every garden can be enhanced by a beautiful bird table, though they offer far more to a garden than just ornamental value. When natural sources of food may be dwindling and during times of high demand a bird table can help keep our wild garden birds fed year-round.

There are many things to consider when buying a bird table, size and design will often be the defining factor for which birds will be attracted. A stable base with small entrances will attract smaller garden birds and they will keep coming back once they know they are safe. These are often designed to prevent larger birds such as pigeons and magpies from using them thus protecting the smaller birds. Having a stable bird table with a good weight ratio between the house and feet will ensure it doesn’t blow over in high wind. This, however, can be solved by using a hanging or wall mounted bird table.

Keeping a bird table clean is essential to prevent the build up of bacteria and spread of disease. With this in mind we have designed all of our bird tables with easily removable and washable hygienic feed trays to ensure the safety of our feathered friends.

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