Bugs, Beetles & Insects

We share our gardens with many creatures. Knowing which are the helpful ones, ensures gardeners give them a home. Some of these beneficial insects help by eating the pests that damage plants and crops. Others perform the vital task of breaking down decaying material. In addition, pollinating insects help ensure colourful flowers keep blooming year after year and that you have a bountiful harvest.

By providing beneficial insects, bugs and beetles with water, food and shelter. Your garden will become an inviting home for them. Many of these beneficial insects will need alternative food sources such as pollen and nectar. As they often appear in the garden before the pests they will eat do. Attracting a wide range of insects and getting them to stay in your garden can be achieved by offering a diversity of early blooming plants and the addition of a beneficial insect home or habitat.

Children just love bugs and mini beasts and their happy investigation is to be encouraged. Wildlife World provide all kinds of interactive insect habitats, field guides, bug boards. And finally, insect tubes to make their own mini beast homes.

Bugs, Beetles & Other Insects
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Original Ladybird Tower
Minibugs Bobby's Bug Box
Ladybird & Insect Lodge
Urban Insect Hotel
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Illuminated Minibeast Centre
Educational Triangle Criitacabin
Educational Pyramid Insect Habitat
Minibeast HQ
Giant Bug & Bee Biome
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Countryside Bee Box
Birds, Bees and Bugs Hotel
Natural Bee Log
Ladybird and Insect Tower
Wildlife World Butterfly & Moth House
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Insect Study Centre
Plexiglass Bee Nesting Tubes
Field Guide Woodlouse Name Trail
Field Guide Bugs on Bushes
Field Guide Dragonflies and Damselflies of Britain