Mini Guide to Butterflies with Wildflower Seeds


The Butterfly Attractor Pack combines a specially selected range of native wildflower seeds to attract colourful butterflies, plus an informative butterfly guide. The seeds are safe for pollinators as they are grown without bee & butterfly killing neonicotinoids.

Over the past 60 years, the UK has lost 97% of its species-rich wildflower meadows. Hence these native wildflower seeds are a great gift that helps the environment by reintroducing a selection of appropriate native plants that can attract a range of butterflies and beneficial insects. Butterflies will feed on the nectar and the pollen from the flowers, attracting other beneficial insects such as bees.

The seeds are suitable for Spring or Autumn sowing.

The guide supplied with the pack is a colourful identification resource for popular butterflies and gives fascinating information on butterflies' life cycle plus information on habitats and conservation.

  • For more information on UK Butterflies, please click – BUTTERFLY FACTS.