Wildflower Corner Seeds for Wildlife


This seed pack contains an easy-to-grow mix of UK native wildflower seeds, ideal for your wildlife garden. The beautiful wildflowers will attract bees, butterflies as well as wild birds. The seeds are safe for pollinators as they are grown without bee & butterfly killing neonicotinoids.

The seeds may be sown into prepared raked ground in Spring or Autumn directly into the space where they are to flower. Choose a sunny position that has ideally poor, infertile soil. The autumn sown seed will flower the following Summer.

Average pack content 1 gram of mixed seed per sachet. Will cover up to 1 square metre.

Seed Mix contains the following species.

  • Corn Marigold
  • Corn Chamomile
  • Cornflower
  • Corn Poppy
  • Ox-Eye Daisy
  • Corn Cockle

Give nature a helping hand with this selection of appropriate native plants.