Cameras For Wildlife

Discover the wildlife in your back garden without harming or disturbing them or their habitat. Wildlife World provide a range of plug and play camera systems ideal for watching the wildlife that visit your garden.

Our CMOS colour/infrared cameras operate in high quality colour during daylight. Then switch to black and white in low light levels and darkness. The camera ready nest boxes we produce have side windows to increase light into the box and boost camera performance. The super mini camera is ideal for wildlife and domestic installations. Such as nest boxes, hedgehog houses, bat boxes, insect houses and covered bird feeders, or domestic pet surveillance, aviaries, stables, hutches etc.

Whether you want to watch fledging birds or nocturnal creatures such as hedgehogs, owls and foxes. A camera system will allow you to get a unique insight into their world.

Cameras For Wildlife
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Premium Camera Nest Box System
Camera Ready Nest Box
Colour and Infrared Camera nest box
Infrared camera kit
Camera kit
Super-mini Colour & Infrared Camera
Spare Battery & Charger Pack
Wide Angle Lens
Wireless Single Core Power Cable (30m)
Battery Holder for Wireless Camera
Camera cable
SCART connector
Camera cable
Camera power adaptor