Camera 3 Core Cable 30m (Wired systems)


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A replacement 30 metre cable for ‘wired’ Wildlife World camera systems. Sometimes the cable may fall victim to hedge trimmers or squirrel damage. As a result, it is not feasible to repair the very fine wires inside. So, replacement is your only option.


Take care not to pinch or trap the cable, for instance, in door jams or window openings which may cause damage to the cable.

Where the wildlife camera is a very long distance from the available mains supply up to 3 extension cables may be daisy-chained to give cameras a maximum reach of 90mtrs (300ft). When ordering, please let us know which option you require.

Include inline connectors. Cable ONLY - so you can join the extension cables together. The extension uses high quality screened cable to maintain picture quality.

Cable connectors colour coded as follows;

  • Yellow - Video channel
  • White - Audio channel
  • Red - Power