Children's Activities

It’s never too early to introduce children to the natural environment and the wildlife that lives there. With abundant opportunities to have fun outdoors whatever the weather. Many adults have fond memories from their childhoods of climbing trees and getting muddy in the British countryside.

But these are memories that many of today’s children are missing out on. According to research by the RSPB and National Trust. Only 1 in 5 children have a ‘connection to nature’ and time spent playing outdoors has halved in just one generation. The value of a connection to nature during childhood has a range of benefits including; health, education, community and environmental.

With the importance of a natural childhood in mind Wildlife World has developed the explorer kit and mini bug collection. Designed specially to educate and entertain children in their gardens or outdoor areas. Moreover, to help create another generation of childhood memories.

Children's Wildlife Activities
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Wildlife Explorer Kit Butterflies & Ladybirds
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Wildlife Explorer Kit Bug's & Bees
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Minibugs Betty's Butterfly Bistro
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Minibugs Bobby's Bug Box