Gifts for Wildlife Lovers

Looking for a gift for Wildlife Lovers? Hopefully you'll find everything you need in our gifts for Wildlife Lovers selection to make that perfect gift. We've included some of our favourite products as well as a few hidden gems that will bring joy to the animals that use them and the loved ones you buy them for!

If the wildlife enthusiasts you're buying for don’t have the space of a large garden, many of these products have been designed to go on walls, balconies and even against windows. By gifting your loved ones any of these wildlife products you'll help them create important habitats for wildlife in their gardens and outdoor spaces!

Gifts for Wildlife Lovers
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Tahera Artisan Bird Nester
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Simon King Wreath Nester
Interactive Solitary Bee Hive
Simon King Cabin Nester
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Giant Roost Nest Pocket
Craftsman Squirrel Feeder
Hedgehog using the Wildlife World Hedgehog Shelter
Wildlife World Butterfly & Moth House
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Lutyens Swingseat Bird Feeder
Cotswold Granaries Gourmet Bird Food
New England Nest Box
The Hedgehog Barn
Anita Artisan Bird Nester
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Hedgehog Water Bowl
Natural Bee Log
Artisan Bird Nester - Shesali
Bird Barn
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Hedgehog Snack Bowl
Cotswold Granaries Hedgehog food
Butterfly Barn
Squirrel Feeder
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Squirrel Food
Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel
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Bee Barn
Dewdrop Window Feeder
Giant Seed Bird Feeder
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Bempton Hanging Bird Table
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Elegance Nestbox
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Simon King Cavity Nest Box
Shenstone Theatre Bird Bath
Nature Oasis Wildlife Bird Bath
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Hedgehog Crossing
Buzzing Bee's Card
Rascally Robin's Personalised Greetings Card
Hopeful Hedgehog Greetings Card
For the Love of Butterflies Gift Bundle
For the Love of Birds Gift Bundle
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For the Love of Bees Gift Bundle
For the Love of Hedgehogs Gift Bundle
For the Love of the Environment Gift Bundle
For the Love of Gardens Gift Bundle
Wild Things Badger & Fox Food