Eco Beacon Bird Feeder


Made from recycled materials

The Eco Beacon Bird Feeder, made from recycled second-life plastic. As a result, this product is kind to the planet! Designed and manufactured in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of the product with an improved life-cycle assessment. So, the Eco Beacon is a truly eco-friendly bird feeder.


  • Light and easy to hang from integral hanging loop
  • Easy to fill through the swivel port on Eco Beacon roof
  • Suitable for seeds, hearts, kibbled nuts
  • See-through hopper to monitor food levels
  • Ideal for feeding small bird species, such as; tits, nuthatches, bullfinches, etc
  • Easy to clean with warm water/bird table cleaner and an old toothbrush as required
  • Subtle mottled green colour blends into the environment


Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 200 mm

Weight: 170g

Materials: Second-life plastic

Colour: Green with black hanger

Special Features: Lightweight, made from recycled second-life plastic