Open Nest Buddy


Open Nest Buddy

A unique habitat for chaffinches, blackbirds and members of the thrush family. Designed in the UK by Simon King OBE, using a lifetime of bird watching and observing wildlife. The skeleton type structure replicates twiggy vegetation with a natural platform for nest building.

Hang in foliage such as wildlife-friendly ivy using the supplied twine hanging loop. Alternatively, fix using garden wire. Try to locate in a concealed spot out of the prevailing wind for maximum chance of occupation.

Key Features:

  • The Buddy’s open construction creates a nest space simulating a natural branch structure.
  • Finished in a natural brushwood colour for a more organic appearance and includes a strong metal frame to give longevity
  • An integral waterproof membrane has been built into the roof for added protection from the elements.

Designed in the UK by Simon King.


Dimensions: 235 x 160 x 160 mm

Weight: 130g

Materials: Metal and brushwood

Colour: Brown

Special Features: Lightweight, natural materials and appearance