Hedgehog Houses & Feeders

Hedgehogs are among our most familiar and easily recognisable wild animals. They have become an iconic part of our British countryside, but their numbers are dwindling. It's now estimated that the hedgehog population in the U.K is less than a million. We all need to do our bit to help provide new habitats for our local hedgehogs that urbanisation and intensive farming have destroyed.

Hedgehogs will usually begin hibernation in November under an excellent thick hedge or log pile. With the loss of such vital natural habitat, it's up to us to provide an alternative in our gardens. The easiest and most successful way to do this is to buy a hedgehog house. Please put it in a safe, sheltered spot in your garden.

Here at Wildlife World, we're constantly improving our hedgehog houses through testing and working closely with the conservation organisations in the U.K and Europe that we supply.

Hedgehog Houses & Feeders
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