Multi-Purpose Hygiene Brush Kit


Our newly designed bird hygiene brush kit has green plastic handles. The brush set is essential for cleaning bird tables and feeders and birdbaths throughout the year.

Poor bird table hygiene can allow harmful bacteria to build up and result in birds spreading disease resulting in illness and possibly death. Adhering to a regular cleaning regime of regularly removing uneaten and mouldy food and droppings reduces these risks.

The two-brush kit consists of

  • Extendable pipe cleaner brush for insides of feeders
  • Length un-extended 355mm Length extended 450mm
  • Double-ended toothbrush style brush for bird table tops, bird boxes and birdbaths
  • Length 245mm one end oval brush other end angled brush

The brushes may be used in combination with our an environmentally sensitive washing up liquid and warm water to provide the best possible care for the birds in your garden.