8 Cell Natural Rubber RootCoach™


The Plastic Free Gardening RootCoachTM provides the perfect start for seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings, especially those plants that are sensitive to root disturbance or require deep root beds.

Made from Fairly Traded FSC certified natural rubber, this robust, interlocking RootCoachTM is designed for repeated use. Unlike cheap plastic equivalents, Plastic Free Gardenings rubber products are robust, flexible and long-lasting and will not crack or break after one or two uses. Gardeners will appreciate being able to remove long-rooted seedlings easily. Once ready for planting out, the RootCoachTM opens up completely.

No frame is required, as the RootCoachTM is stable enough to stand on its own. Sold in twin packs of four cells each for even greater stability, additional units can be purchased and easily connected. 

Unlike the plastics industry, which is controlled by a few massive multinationals, natural rubber is an entirely sustainable product grown by small farmers or on plantations. Plastic-Free Gardening sources its rubber from suppliers whose plantations are certified not to have not replaced natural forests, in this case, a small plantation in Sri Lanka. The workers receive a Fair Trade premium to help improve their working and living conditions.

The RootCoachTM are ideal for all perennial flowers, sweet peas and deep-rooted vegetables and fruit, such as runner beans and strawberries.

This RootCoachTM contains 8 cells; each is 3.5 x 3.5 x 12 cm. Overall dimensions 20 x 9 x 12 cm. The RootCoachTM is black as that is shown to be more durable than rubber in other colours.