Reclaimed Timber Dovecotes

Our collection of antique style dovecotes and bird houses will bring charm to any garden. All the houses are made from second life, recycled timber. They have rustic details such as old-fashioned white wash finish, quirky finials, distressed decorative apex covers, waned edge boards and roof shingles.

Pigeons and doves have round, stout-bodies with dense, soft feathers and short necks with small rounded heads, short slender bills, tapered wings and short, scaly legs and they make cooing calls. They make up the bird family "Columbidae", which includes more than 300 species, there is no strict division between doves and pigeons. Their main diet consists of a variety of grains, seeds, berries, fruits and will occasionally eat insects in the wild.

Putting up a dovecote in your garden will not only be a beautiful focal point but will also provide much needed shelter for doves and pigeons during stormy weather and cold nights.

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