Wooden Bee Nesting Tubes (Pack of 50)


These specially drilled wooden Bee Nesting tubes are ideal for mason bees and leafcutter bees. As well as other overwintering insects. The tubes come in a range of sizes from 5mm up to 12mm; the middle sizes 7mm to 10mm are best for solitary bees. They can be used to fill existing bee boxes or to make your simple bee nester.

Solitary bees are gentle bees and excellent pollinators to increase vegetable, flower and fruit yields.

From March to August, these bee species will lay eggs in the tubes and create a series of cells from mud or leaf. The larvae will develop over the winter period in the tubes and will then emerge the following spring. Ensure that your bee box is well-insulated or overwinter your full bee box in the shed or garage. If left outside, cover the full tubes with wire mesh to prevent predation from greedy woodpeckers.


Position your bee box in a sunny position about 1 or 2 metres above ground, preferably amongst flowers/foliage, so that the face of the bee box catches the morning sun.

  • To help the conservation of these species, please support the International Bee Research Association – IBRA WEBSITE.