Butterfly and Bee Nectar Feeder


Water-based paint   FSC certified wood

The Butterfly & Bee Nectar Feeding Station is a simple to use nectar feeding station for butterflies and bees in your garden. Feeding butterflies is essential at the start and end of the summer season when natural nectar sources from suitable plants may be in short supply.


Site the feeder in a warm sheltered location, preferably near flowers, to draw in the butterflies. Soak the sponge in Wildlife World Butterfly Food mix or a sugar/water solution to encourage butterflies to the feed station. The nectar feeder also has a landing platform with additional nectar cups for liquid butterfly food. Both the nectar cups and sponge are removable and washable to allow good feeding hygiene.


Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 85 mm

Weight: 200g

Materials: FSC timber, Plastic

Colour: Yellow and untreated timber

Special Features: Brightly coloured to attract pollinating insects