Spring Collection

We're all looking for a garden filled with colour, scent and wildlife this springtime. And there are a few things you can do to try and encourage the birds, bees and butterflies into your garden for spring. If you have been feeding your garden birds during the winter, then continue to do so during the spring. Just be aware of fledglings, and don't leave out whole peanuts.

Putting up a nest box is a wonderful thing to do for wildlife and a joy to watch if you do find it becomes occupied. We give you all the information you need to be able to site your nest box correctly for the best possible chance of success. 

Solitary bees start to emerge in the early spring and you can provide nesting opportunities for the bees as well. Our solitary bee hives are perfectly proportioned for female leaf-cutter and mason bees to use and offer a wonderful opportunity to learn more about a species of wildlife that's not that well known.

Lastly you might think about providing extra food for hedgehogs waking up from hibernation. As the weather warms up, hoggies will be very hungry and looking for something to eat and drink in our gardens. Complementary food and fresh, clean water is always welcome. 

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