In the U.K, we have our native Red Squirrel and the introduced Grey Squirrel. Since the introduction of greys in the 19th century, the red has suffered severe decline and is now only found in small pockets of the U.K. With the majority located in Scotland. By contrast, the red squirrel is widespread in Europe.

Whether you are lucky enough to have the reds in your locality or enjoy seeing the acrobatic antics of the now widespread greys, Wildlife World has sturdily made squirrel feeders and nest boxes for you. Feeding squirrels in your garden can be not only entertaining to watch but might convince them to leave your bird feeders alone by purchasing specially designed squirrel feeders and squirrel food. And by placing the feeders in an area of your garden away from bird traffic, feeders and nest boxes. As a result, you can maximise your chances of squirrels and birds co-existing in a happy, healthy garden.

It may take a while for squirrels to find the feeders. Placing some peanuts or specially-formulated squirrel food on or around the feeder will encourage them to use it. Once discovered, and you remove any old food and top up regularly. Squirrels will love using them, and you will love watching them!

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