Craftsman Squirrel Feeder


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Personalised Bird Boxes  water-based paint  Screwed Construction  FSC certified wood

A new take on our traditional squirrel feeder, the Craftsman Squirrel Feeder utilises an innovative side-to-side swinging ‘door’ for more fun watching squirrels feed.  Designed and refined over many months by our workshop Craftsman for your garden squirrels.

Made using sustainable materials

Made from FSC timber and with a distressed duck egg blue paint finish.  As this is a water based wash finish you will see the natural wood grain and resins through the paint.  This is not a fault and the paint finish can be refreshed annually to maintain appearance.

The feeder features a real copper roof with natural verdigris to protect the wood against hungry squirrels!  The feed hopper is transparent to allow monitoring of food levels plus it is also easily removable for cleaning and filling.

A strong recycled plastic hanger ensures the feeder will remain in place for many years with little maintenance.


Designed for both Grey and Red Squirrels.  Locate where you can get a good view of the squirrels antics for maximum fun.

Main Features:-

  • Removable easy clean hopper
  • Transparent swivel door
  • Copper Feature roof
  • Swivel base to reduce size for shipping
  • Made with love from sustainable , low impact materials

Instructions included