Wetland Birds

Some species of birds are particularly associated with wetlands and water. These include the well-known ducks, geese, swans and kingfishers as well as the less common lapwings, wading birds and snipe.

Many of these will live, breed and feed in areas of high-water concentration in the UK, such as alongside rivers, lakes, coastlines and wet meadows. The UK’s wetlands are also internationally important grounds for migratory birds, such as ducks and swans who spend their winters feeding on and around these areas. It is important to do our bit to help as some breeding wetland birds have suffered serious decline in the past few decades.

Supplementing our internationally renowned populations of wintering ducks, geese and swans’ diet during harsh times or sparse food availability with Swan and Duck food specially designed for safe feeding is one way to do this.

A swan eating bird food
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