African Daisy Bird Drinker



The colourful African Daisy Ceramic Bird Drinker is in the shape of, you guessed it, a Daisy. The attractive glazed ceramic flower design makes a delightful addition to any garden. The African Daisy bird drinker is easy to assemble with the threaded steel stem in four sections and the ceramic bowl on top. Designing the stem in four sections helps the product fit into a smaller box and reduce its carbon footprint.

Siting the African Daisy Ceramic Bird Drinker

The drinker is suitable for placing in garden borders, lawns, pots, or any other soft ground area using the metal stem with stability spikes. Please make sure you check the ground for obstructions such as electrical cables, water pipes or services before inserting the stem.


Periodically replacing water and sanitising with a good wash ensures good bird hygiene is maintained. The drinker unscrews from the stem for easy access to the nearest water source for cleaning.