Wild Animal Food

All living things need to eat to survive, so food sources are a critical component of wildlife habitat. Native plants form the foundation of the food chain in the natural world and should do the same in your wildlife-friendly garden or landscape. Plants provide food to wildlife in various ways, from berries to nuts to nectar and even the insects they support that feed other animals.

The wild animal food we provide is meant to supplement natural food sources and help wildlife survive in the winter months. Remember not to leave out large quantities of food each evening to prevent your wildlife guests from becoming dependant on handouts. They are wild and need to stay so for the best chance of survival.

Wild Animal Food
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Cotswold Granaries Bird food
Cotswold Granaries Hedgehog Food
Cotswold Granaries 'No Mess' Bird Food
Cotswold Granaries Sunflower Hearts Bird Food
Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food
Cotswold Granaries Duck & Swan Food
Butterfly Food with Vitamins
Squirrel Food
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Ladybird Food/Attractant Wildlife World
Nourish Hedgehog Food
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WildThings Swan and Duck Food
Wild Things Badger & Fox Food
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WildThings Hedgehog Food
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Spike's Semi Moist Hedgehog Food
Spike's Delicious Dry Hedgehog Food