A Flower Story Bulb Mix


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Our ‘A Flower Story’ bulb mix will help make your garden more wildlife friendly. Blue and white flowers are especially attractive to bees. Along with purples and yellows these are the bees favourite flower colours. Flowering bulbs provide lots of nectar for bees and butterflies. Contained in the wooden crate are 40 mixed bulbs.

TIP:  The crate can be re-used for storage or display. Bulb species include tulips, narcissus and muscari in shades of blue and white.

Why are they good for nature?

Early flowering plants are vital for bees. For instance bumblebees who emerge from hibernation in early Spring. Nectar provided by early flowering plants provides energy when food sources are scarce.

Where to plant?

Suitable for planting in beds, borders or containers. Sufficient for 1 metre square coverage. All planting instructions included.

Grown with love

Sustainably produced in Holland by Marlies and Linda, who bring a feminine touch to bulb selection & growing.  Everyday they work to maintain healthy soils and protect the natural environment whilst growing their beautiful bulbs.