Archway Ground Feeder


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Screwed Construction  water-based paint

The Wildlife World Archway Ground Feeder is perfect for those species such as dunnocks, robins and blackbirds whose habit is to feed at ground level and not from hanging feeders.

The feeder comes flat packed and is constructed in seconds by bending the Perspex arch into shape and securing over the sidebars' ends. The removable feeding tray fits between the sidebars, and you are ready for feeding.

  • The clear arch provides an unobstructed view of the birds
  • Food is kept drier under cover of the Perspex
  • The stainless steel feeding tray can easier be removed for cleaning, maintaining good bird hygiene.
  • No tools required for assembly

The Archway Ground Feeder can also be suspended to make a feeding platform if you wish. Thread a suitable cord through the rivet hole in the top centre of the arch and knot to secure.


Dimensions: 150 x 370 x 180 mm

Weight: 578g

Materials: Timber, stainless-steel, Perspex

Colour: Green

Special Features: Perspex arch keeps food dry, easy assembly and cleaning