Eco Bee Nesting Tubes (PK 30)


Experience the fascinating world of bees with these cardboard solitary bee nesting tubes. Solitary bees are a delight to watch going about their vital work of pollinating in your garden. They are non-aggressive to people and pets. It is their lifestyle which makes them so gentle. They do not live in a colony and do not have any honey to defend.

From March to August, the female bees will lay eggs in the tubes. Then create a series of cells separated by mud or leaf walls. However, this depends on species. The larvae will develop over the winter period in the tubes. Then emerge as adult bees the following spring. The males and females then mate, and the females' whole cycle laying the larvae in the tubes begins over again.

Our tubes are ideal for mason/orchard bees. Used to easily fill existing bee boxes or to make your own simple bee nester. By using fresh cardboard tubes every season, excellent bee health may be maintained. For professional management of solitary bees in horticultural and orchard environments, you may wish to use these tubes in conjunction with paper tube liners to examine the bee cells and parasite control.

  • To help the conservation of these species, please support the International Bee Research Association – IBRA WEBSITE