Cameo Bird Bath

£49.99 £74.99

The new Cameo Bird Bath is a beautiful addition to any garden, complete with a tall stem for sighting on the lawn or within garden borders. Pretty for you to look at and for your garden birds to use. The water bowl itself gives a rippled marble like effect that shimmers in the summer sunshine. 

The Cameo is made with an environmentally-friendly material called Clayplas+ which combines 30% recycled plastic content with 70% clay in a composite form to give a lightweight, durable material that mimics an aged stone finish. The Clayplas+ material comes with a 10-year structural integrity guarantee (excludes accidental damage by animals or high winds).

To fit the tall stem, remove the short base and attach the tall stem with a twist fit to the bottom of the birdbath bowl. Before fitting, you may fill the stem with stones to provide extra ballast and stability. Refit the short stem into the base of the tall stem (push-fit) if required.

With the tall stem, the Cameo Bird Bath is raised to 520mm. Bowl size approx 500mm and 65mm deep. Extra pebbles (not included) may be put in the water bowl for decoration and to allow small birds to perch to drink.