CCD Hi-Spec Colour & Infrared Camera Kit


This super high-definition colour/infrared camera system fits easily inside nest boxes to give superb quality wildlife images. Or use the camera to observe nocturnal creatures. Such as hedgehogs’ foxes and badgers or inside a mammal stump.

The CCD camera features a 650 TV lines picture and improved colour representation in low light. Automatically switches between colour and black/white when infrared mode is triggered by diminishing light levels.

The kit also contains a 30mtr (99ft) screened extension cable and SCART socket. This allows connection to your TV for live image stream. Included is a standard 6mm lens and wide-angle lens, good for viewing inside a bird box.

Fit the camera to any covered nest box or nesting house. In addition, if used as a stand-alone unit for watching wildlife in the garden, it must be protected from rain with a suitable weather-resistant housing. Ensure cables don't tangle reduces risk of damage by garden machinery or similar hazards.


Camera works as plug and play to a TV, not a computer or laptop. In order to do this, you would need to purchase an extra bit of kit called a USB Video Adapter which is compatible with your PC and operating system version.