Children's Wildlife Explorer Kit

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Do your children love to be outside in the garden? Exploring the mud, searching for insects and generally getting grubby? Or perhaps you want to get your grandkids outside more? Or maybe you have nieces and nephews or children's friends who you want to gift something different to this year? Introduce them to wildlife gardening at a young age with our Wildlife Explorer Kit. 

This pretty recyclable gift box includes:

  • Ceramic Yellow Petal Feeder for little hands to fill up on a daily basis and watch the garden birds visiting from the kitchen window. 
  • A small bag of our Cotswold Granaries Sunflower Hearts to top up the feeder with each day. 
  • Nesting Pocket made of natural materials to protect garden birds during the cold, windy winter months. 
  • Our Butterfly Feeder to encourage beautiful butterflies into the garden each spring and summer.
  • Butterfly Food to help provide vital food sources before and after the flowering plants in your garden have bloomed. 
  • A Guide to Butterflies to learn more about who and what is visiting! 
  • And finally, a mini magnifying glass to get a better look and what they're discovering!

You can find out more about how to encourage children into the garden and learning about wildlife-friendly gardening in our Blog

The Wildlife Explorer kit contains small parts which are unsuitable for children under 3 years. Please note: The Wildlife Explorer Kit is NOT a TOY and should be used with adult supervision and interaction.