Cotswold Granaries Gift Bundle


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Bundled to help feed your garden wildlife, it contains;


  • Cotswold Granaries 'No Mess' Bird Food 300g
  • Cotswold Granaries Sunflower Hearts Bird Food 300g
  • Cotswold Granaries 'No Wheat' Bird Food 300g
  • Cotswold Granaries Hedgehog Food 265g
  • Cotswold Granaries Duck and Swan Food 180g
  • Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food 300g
  • Lovingly packed in our Gift Box in natural straw with a Cotswold Granaries Brochure


The Cotswold Granaries wild animal food gift bundle contains the full range of our brand new zero waste foods in 100% home-compostable packaging made from plant-based materials!

Cotswold Granaries uses solely natural ingredients for its foods, carefully selected to provide a nutritionally dense and energy-rich feed. As a result, you'll be keeping your local and garden wildlife well-fed all year.

Our latest packaging is fully home-compostable and resealable. Even the resealable zipper and clear window are compostable! Like us, if you have a strong sense of environmental responsibility, then this is the bird food for you! Zero plastic, zero waste, zero consumer guilt.

This Gift Bundle is perfect for testing our brand-new nutritionally dense food range to the fullest! It also makes an excellent gift for your nature-loving friends and family. You'll be helping your garden birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and any ducks or swans in your local area by feeding them. Ensuring they have enough fat stores and energy to survive when their natural food sources are sparse.