Cotswold Granaries Duck & Swan Food


Cotswold Granaries Duck & Swan food uses only natural ingredients. Carefully selected to provide a nutritionally dense and energy-rich feed. As a result, you'll be keeping our native and visiting ducks and swans well-fed all year.

It’s important to avoid low-quality feed, which may appear good value but generally contain ‘fillers’ such as pulses and even dog biscuits! Always choose a brand you trust that provides high-quality natural ingredients such as going into our wild animal foods.

This Floating Duck & Swan Food is a high-quality feed that contains natural ingredients such as peas, rice, fish meal, soya oil and linseed. Most importantly, the mix has added vitamins A, D3 and E. But contains no added sugar or artificial flavours and colours. So, this bespoke floating mix with beneficial nutrients helps keep ducks, swans and waterfowl healthy.

Our latest packaging is fully home, compostable and resealable. Even the clear window and resealable zipper are compostable! Made from starch and plant fibres! The 12.75kg bag comes in a robust brown paper sack, also home-compostable. Zero plastic, zero waste, zero consumer guilt.

If you, like us, have a strong sense of environmental responsibility, then this is the bird food for you!

Comes in 3 sizes; 180g, 700kg and 12.75kg