Frogilo Frog & Toad House


No plastic  water-based paint

The Frogilo is our stylish Summer and Winter home for frogs, toads and other amphibians. This safe shelter will provide protection from predators and garden tools. As well as being a cosy and cooling place to live through-out the year.

Handmade in frost resistant ceramic with a green decorative glazed ‘tagine’ style roof.


Firstly, site Wildlife Worlds Frogilo near a pond or damp area in a quiet, cool, shaded position. The partially cut away base allows contact with the damp soil for cooler summer conditions as a result. In addition, toads and female frogs will use the insulating ceramic shelf as over-wintering quarters. Finally, cover the Frogilo with extra vegetation in winter to provide additional protection.

No other maintenance is necessary.