Giant Seed Bird Feeder


 No Plastic

Birds of a feather feed together!

This plastic-free, all metal, and super strong seed feeder is designed for most types of bird seed. Its large capacity means less frequent filling and is perfect for gardens which attract high numbers of visiting birds.

  • 8 port feeder with landing perches
  • Black powder coated steel body and seed catch tray
  • Stainless steel fine mesh
  • No plastic parts to be eaten by squirrels
  • Quick release dispenser base for easy cleaning and good bird hygiene
  • Generous rain shelter roof
  • Easy slide lid retainer
  • Super strong steel hanging wire

Comes with extended 2 year product guarantee.



Weight: 640g

Materials: Stainless-steel

Colour: Black and Silver

Special Features: No Plastic, Squirrel resistant, Quick release dispenser, Easy slide lid, 8 ports for multiple birds feeding at once.