Hedgehog Feeder/House


From a design by Epping Hedgehog Rescue. For each sale, we donate to the BHPS.

This hedgehog feeder/house is primarily designed for safe feeding. By virtue of the house internal tunnel design, it deters hedgehog food from being stolen by cats and dogs.

This design is popular with many other hedgehog rescue charities, as it provides safe refuge for when hogs are released into the carer’s gardens in Springtime.

The Hedgehog Feeder has an added seal that can be attached around the lid to stop moisture.

Constructed from FSC certified timber and the slanted roof has covered with roofing felt. This hinged roof can be opened easily for feeding and inspection by undoing the wingnut, which secures it.

Remember, hedgehogs are wild creatures; hedgehog houses should be covered over the winter for insulation. We recommend that houses are only checked and maintained annually; early summer is best.