Cotswold Granaries Hedgehog Food - Jute Bag

SKU: HH_200G

Hoggy Crunch Hedgehog Food in 200g Treat Green Jute Bags or 750g Natural Jute Bag.

The Natural Jute Bags have an inner bag liner made of biodegradable cellulose for product freshness. Note The shade of colour of the natural jute may vary depending on availability.

A premium  complementary feeding mix with added vitamins and brewers yeast. It has a high meat content and is suitable for all adult wild hedgehogs.  Fresh water must also be provided in a shallow dish when feeding.

  • Small kibble size perfect for adult hedgehogs
  • High meat content versus cereal content
  • Contains Brewers Yeast with antioxidant properties
  • Dry kibble is non-smelly
  • Feeding is a great way of helping hedgehogs both through the complementary nutrition and also because you are monitoring activity on a daily basis and can provide early intervention if problems arise. Obvious injuries or wounds can be treated by your local hedgehog rescue if identified early.

Place Food  in a hedgehog feeding station or hedgehog house with predator resist door for safe feeding. Dogs and badgers will kill hedgehogs so take care if feeding in the open.

Serve in a heavy low-sided dish. Fresh water should also be provided in a shallow dish. Serve small portions and remove uneaten food daily.