Top Bar Hive


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The Wildlife World Top Bar bee hive is an exciting product which offers a complete honeybee hive and equipment. All you need to do is a little reading and research and source some bees and you are away.

The top bar method of beekeeping allows the bee colony to be housed in a less intensive way. This gives modest honey returns but ensures that the bees are able to use the hive in a natural way. The term ‘Top Bar’ refers to the wooden bars which are placed on top of the brood box inside the hive. The honeybees form natural comb on the top bars rather than within the confines of the WBC frames found in other styles of beekeeping.

The beehive is a fantastic starting point for anyone wishing to start beekeeping it comes as a complete kit with everything required to start your hive off apart from the bees which can be locally sourced. Ideally you should contact your local beekeeping association who will have knowledge of availability of bee swarms and be able to provide valuable support and advice for the novice beekeeper.

The kit includes:

  • Beehive with brood box, 10 x top bars and 1 divider frame
  • Glass quilt (Inspection Cover)
  • Varroa mite tray
  • Entrance tunnel
  • Adult bee jacket with hood
  • Rubber gloves and mist bottle
  • Hive tool and natural bristle bee brush
  • Feeding jar & feed lid
  • Assembly guide and beekeeping starter guide

NB The hive is normally delivered in 1 box so additional help to unload may be required.