Mini Guide to Bumblebees with Wildflower Seeds


The Bumblebee Wildflower Attractor Pack contains a specially selected range of native wildflower seeds to attract bumblebees. The seeds are safe for pollinators as they are grown without bee & butterfly killing neonicotinoids. It also includes an informative species guide to UK bumblebees.

Over the past 60 years, the UK has lost 97% of its species-rich wildflower meadows. Hence these native wildflower seeds are a great gift that helps the environment by reintroducing a selection of appropriate native plants, which are attractive to the many species of bumblebees in the UK.

Bumblebees are generally non-aggressive and essential pollinators of fruit, vegetables, and other plants in the garden, so encouraging them by providing this mix of nectar-producing flowers is good for bees valuable boost to natural pollinators in the garden.

You may sow the flower seeds in Spring or Autumn.