Minibeast HQ


Our new Minibeast HQ is an interactive minibeast central destination.

Some rooms come ready furnished to suit solitary bees or invertebrates such as ladybirds, lacewings, spiders, woodlice. Some rooms are left empty to allow you to add your own natural materials to attract other critters and minibeasts. At the bottom of Minibeast HQ is a mini mammal house, which provides a cool dark refuge for shrews, field mice or even frogs and toads.

The HQ is made of sturdy FSC certified timber from sustainable sources with a second life re-cycled plastic roof & fixing bracket for waterproofing and stability.

The top 6 rooms of the HQ are prefilled as follows

  • Drilled logs provide insulated holes for solitary bees
  • Small drilled canes also for solitary bees
  • Large canes for spiders, invertebrates & beneficial insects
  • Pine cones, latte balls & bark for various minibeasts

Other materials that you could use includes, twigs, straw, hay, leaf litter etc to add to the diversity of the hotel and attract as many species as possible. The hinged door allows access to inspect the rooms.


Dimensions: 945 x 930 x 400 mm

Weight: 39kg

Materials: FSC timber, second-life plastic, metal mesh

Colour: Natural wood, blue/green, black

Special Features: Multi-layer, multi-species educational habitat