Synthetic Bumblebee Nesting Wool pack of 2


This Bumblebee nesting material is designed to offer bumblebees a start to making a nest in Wildlife World bumblebee nesters.

It is made from synthetic material and provides a medium for the queen to lay her eggs. You can insert the Bumblebee nesting material into any bumblebee houses ready for prospecting queen bees in early spring.

It is helpful to add and mix in some fine, dry hay and dry fluffy moss to create a nest pocket. Set this mix back approximately 50mm from the nester entrance. The addition of mouse nest material will add an odour that attracts bumblebees. New nesting material may need to be added each year during Nov – Feb if required.


Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 160 mm

Weight: 50g

Materials: Synthetic wool

Colour: Off-white