Tawny Owl Nest Box


Our Tawny Owl Boxes are hand made and currently, we have a 3 week lead time on these.

Screwed Construction  From a sustainable source FSC certified wood

The Tawny Owl Nest Box is a purpose-built nesting box for the familiar ‘too-whit too-whoo’ owl of woodlands. The box is handmade in our Gloucestershire workshop and is an effective way of offering a nesting cavity to tawny owls. Particularly in places where there may not be natural hollows – such as in large gardens with healthy trees, secondary woodland and coniferous plantations.

Tawnies are territorial birds, and only one pair will occupy a woodland territory and nest site. This box design is readily taken up by nesting owls, particularly if they are looking for new nest sites and may be used every year.

  • Handmade from solid FSC certified timber
  • Slow-seasoned timber negates the need for chemical, stains or artificial preservatives.
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Recycled plastic upper and lower hanging/fixing plates
  • Integral perch
  • Large inspection door with bolt
  • Fitted with camera clip


The Tawny Owl box should be sited high on a mature tree between 3.5 and 5 metres with a clear flight path to the entrance. When the fledgelings emerge, they use nearby branches to access higher areas of the tree canopy. Hence mounting the tawny owl box on an isolated pole is unsuitable.

The box should ideally face east/northeast or south-east. The availability of prey species close to the nesting box is vital. Tawny Owls eat a wide variety of prey, including mice, voles, rats, insects, invertebrates, amphibians and birds. The proximity of fruiting or nut-bearing trees and shrubs that support these target species would indicate a suitable nesting site.

Monitoring and inspection

Tawny owls are early breeding birds, and some individuals may lay eggs as early as January. You may inspect the box in May, but care should be taken opening the inspection hatch as tawny owls can be aggressive if young are present or nearby.


Dimensions: 770 x 220 x 400 mm

Weight: 6.6kg

Materials: FSC timber, recycled plastic

Colour: Natural pale wood

Special Features: Proven design, strong, durable materials and construction