Why Buy From Wildlife World?

When you buy from a small independent business, an actual person does a little HAPPY dance!

You're not helping a CEO buy a new holiday home on Sandbanks Island! You're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy buy his new football boots and a Mum or Dad put food on the table! - So please shop independent! Oh and we pay our taxes ;)

Our UK Workshop's wooden products are exclusively manufactured from FSC® certified timber. We use many naturally durable timbers which require more complex drying time but eliminates the need for chemical preservatives.

By buying Wildlife World products you are helping us to support a huge range of environmental and wildlife projects. These include the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, British Hedgehog Preservation Society, International Bee Research Association, The Centre for Alternative Technology, and other Wildlife Rescue Centres.

Award Winning

Since 2004 Wildlife World has continued to win awards year on year. We now total eleven new product development, environmental and design awards.

The Bird Box Buyers Guide

Bird Box Buyers Guide

Birds are using nest boxes as many of their natural nest sites are disappearing from our gardens and surrounding environment. With the declining number of wooded areas, hedgerows and large trees available, birds are having to find safe alternatives for somewhere to build their nests. This shortage of natural nesting sites for birds has played a part in the decline of some of the UK’s most iconic species.
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Wildlife for Wellbeing

Wildlife for Wellbeing

With many of us spending more time at home to protect ourselves and others, we want to show you that there are some positives for anyone self-isolating. If you’re up to date on the current advice, then taking a break from the news channel can surely bring some perspective and a relief from anxiety.
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tips for recording wildlife

Top Tips for Using Your Wildlife Camera

Wildlife trap cameras have been used by film makers and scientists for some time but it’s only in the last few years that this technology has become accessible and usable to everyone. Now we can really find out what wildlife is visiting our gardens and get a look into the secret world of the beautiful creatures we have living on our doorstep.
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