Why Buy From Wildlife World?

When you buy from a small independent business, an actual person does a little HAPPY dance!

You're not helping a CEO buy a new holiday home on Sandbanks Island! You're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy buy his new football boots and a Mum or Dad put food on the table! - So please shop independent! Oh and we pay our taxes ;)

Our UK Workshop's wooden products are exclusively manufactured from FSC® certified timber. We use many naturally durable timbers which require more complex drying time but eliminates the need for chemical preservatives.

By buying Wildlife World products you are helping us to support a huge range of environmental and wildlife projects. These include the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, British Hedgehog Preservation Society, International Bee Research Association, The Centre for Alternative Technology, and other Wildlife Rescue Centres.

Award Winning

Since 2004 Wildlife World has continued to win awards year on year. We now total eleven new product development, environmental and design awards.

Hedgehog House
Sold Out
Simon King Wreath Nester
Eco Beacon Bird Feeder
Solitary Bee Hive
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