Bird Baths

Having an accessible water source in hot and cold weather is vital to a healthy garden environment for wild birds. All bird species need water and adding one or two functional water features, like a birdbath. It will not only help wild birds but quickly attract more cherished feathered friends.

Birds need water for drinking and bathing. Whilst many people put out food for birds, fewer provide a regular supply of clean water. Many seed-eating birds have a dry diet and therefore need to drink more, but water to bathe in is equally important. Bathing and preening are essential parts of feather maintenance; baths help remove dirt, loose feathers and other debris.

A good bird bath has a rough surface so birds can grip it with their claws. Moreover, it is ideal to have shallow sloping sides to approach the water with varying water depths to allow each species to bathe at their preferred depth. The positioning of the bath is also crucial; birds will only use it if they feel safe. Rinsing and refilling the bath daily helps remove the build-up of dirt and droppings. Birdbaths are the fastest and most straightforward way to add water to your garden bird habitat.

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Bird Baths
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