Frogs & Toads

Although frogs are commonplace, many of the UK’s other reptile and amphibian species. Such as Great Crested Newts and Natterjack toads have suffered declines. This is mainly due to massive losses of ponds, which has happened as farming practices changed and development replaced these vital sites for the survival of amphibians.

Spotting the difference between frogs and toads is relatively easy once you know what you’re looking for. Frogs have smooth skin that is greenish-brown to yellow in colour and is moist, with a brown patch behind the eye. Toads, on the other hand, have bumpy skin, which is often brown and drier.

Their diets are relatively similar as both will eat slugs and snails. But toads will also eat ants and travel further, whereas frogs will eat flying insects and beetles. Their taste for garden pests makes them an ideal friend for gardeners. The saviour to the common frog and toad has been the increase in the number of garden ponds and toad houses providing alternatives to their lost wildlife habitats.

Frogs & Toads
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