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Unlike the plastics industry, which is controlled by a few massive multinationals, natural rubber is an entirely sustainable product grown by farmers on small plantations. Plastic Free Gardening sources only from suppliers whose plantations are certified not to replace natural forests. Due to the extremely low current price of natural rubber, a lot of rubber plantings are under threat from conversion to palm oil or beef production. So when you buy our seed trays, you ensure the survival of a valuable, natural resource.


Rubber trees are ‘tapped’ by small farmers or plantation workers, in theory providing an important source of revenue. However, at present, the price for natural rubber does not even cover the cost of productions. But because we are members of the Fair Rubber Association, we pay our primary suppliers a Fair Trade premium of EUR 0.50 kg/DRC (Dry Rubber Content) - at present almost 40% above world market prices. This helps to improve the working and living conditions of the primary producers and ensures environmentally friendly, sustainable production. Plastic Free Gardening's main source of natural rubber is also FSC certified.

Plastic Free Gardening
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