Christmas Gift Collection

It’s getting close to that time of year again. For those of you that need inspiration for Christmas gift ideas, look no further! We have once again put together an assortment of seasonal products and gift bundles this year that will make excellent Christmas gifts for Wildlife lovers. So if you’re an early bird looking to be prepared again this year, or a late bloomer desperately seeking some last-minute presents for your loved ones, we’ve got you covered.

As the last two years have seen an increase in people using and enjoying their outdoor spaces, this season's gift bundles are designed to help encourage engagement with nature throughout winter into next spring. You’ll be supporting the well-being of the people creating different habitats in their gardens and the animals that use them during these difficult times for all.

Christmas Gift Collection
38 results
Bagpath Bird Feeder
Sunflower Bird Feeder
Water is Life Birdbath and Drinker
Dan Rouse's How To Attract Birds To Your Garden - Signed Copy
Simon King Wreath Nester
For the Love of Gardens Gift Bundle
For the Love of Butterflies Gift Bundle
Hopeful Hedgehog Greetings Card
Rascally Robin's Personalised Greetings Card
Buzzing Bee's Card
Simon King Cabin Nester
Personalised Wooden Name Plaques
Hedgehog Snack Bowl
Craftsman Squirrel Feeder
Flowers Love Bees Pollinator House
Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel
Bee Barn
Interactive Solitary Bee Hive
The Bee Barrel
Frogilo Frog & Toad House
Conservation Bat Box
Eco Beacon Bird Feeder
Wildlife World Petal Bird Feeders
Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder
Bird Barn
Bempton Hanging Bird Table
Giant Roost Nest Pocket
Wooden Robin Nestbox
Teapot Nester
Simon King Brushwood Robin Nester
New England Nest Box
Dovecote Nest Box
Wildlife World Shenstone Bird Bath
Wildlife World Gift Cards