Roosting Nest Pockets

All bird lovers understand the importance of nesting boxes for providing birds with suitable nesting sites, but after the nesting season comes to an end, roosting pockets can be even more vital for a bird’s survival.

Each species has a different roosting behaviour, some will choose to roost alone whereas others will favour sharing body heat and roost in groups. The one thing they all look for is somewhere to sleep that is secure, comfortable and will protect them from potential predators. Cosy roosting spaces out of the prevailing wind in your garden can be a life saver for small birds during harsh weather conditions. Without somewhere to shelter and sleep they use up vital energy reserves just trying to keep warm.

To ensure they do keep the worst of the weather out it is best to position roosting pockets in a sheltered place, preferably facing south or east. They should be secure when they are fixed, not swinging freely in the wind, either to a tree or post, or wired into a hedge or ivy.

Bird Roosting Nests
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